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NGV filling stations

Filling stations for natural gas vehicles


In 1986, the «Сумское НПО» plant made the first model block-container NGV filling stations for vehicles fuelled by liquefied gas.

A АГНКС БКИ-250 prototype with three compressors was presented at the National Economy Exhibition in Moscow, and was awarded a golden medal there.

Series production of the filling stations was launched in 1987, and 30 units were delivered to customers in 1990.

Concurrently with the supply of the first model АГНКС filling stations in 1989, upgraded three-compressor filling stations of the АГНКС МБКИ-250 type with a modular design and improved technical and operating parameters were delivered.

The number of filling stations of this version supplied to various CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) reached 110 by 1994.

The АГНКС family of parametric filling stations included nine basic types and twenty two modifications:
- АГНКС БКИ-40/25-1 (small-size type)
- АГНКС МБКИ 125/25-1 (specific type for Argentina)
- АГНКС БКИ 50/2,5...7,5 / 25 (highway type)
- АГНКС МБКИ 0,05...1,7/125...350/25-1 municipal type)
- two-compressor АГНКС БКИ-75/25-2 (small-size type)
- two-compressor АГНКС МБКИ-0,05….1,7/250…700/25-2 (municipal type)

The filling station blocks and containers are made inclusive of all operational equipment, ready-made for quick installation and putting in operation.







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