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SUMY products

Pipe fittings

Established in 1896, "Сумское НПО” PJSC ranks today amongst the Europe’s largest machinery building complexes. The factory is making machines and equipment for the oil, gas and chemical industries. A non-exhaustive list of products made by the enterprise may include unique types of chemical plant; centrifugal machines; compressors and compressor stations; pumps and pipe installations; oil plant and industrial installations and filling stations; drilling tubes for extraction applications; comprehensive gas treatment installations; and more.

The broad variety of production is enabled by advanced technology and well-developed industrial infrastructure. The company comprises specialised production units equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing, control and testing equipment. The plant has its own testing facilities that meet the highest requirements for acceptance testing of the plant’s output.

Examples of pipe fitting products include:

  • ballcocks DN 50 - 1400
  • check valves DN 50 - 1000
  • protective grilles DN 200 - 1000

"Сумское НПО" PJSC also makes other types of pipe fittings that are not found in the catalogue:

  • flange joint fittings inclusive of gland rings, fasteners and seals for
  • aggressive natural gas containing hydrosulphide
  • fittings operated by various electro-motor types according to customers’ requirements
  • fittings with an emergency automatic stopcock (AAZK)

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