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SUMY products
About SUMY

About SUMY

The company was established in 1896 as ПАО «Сумское НПО» and today, it ranks amongst the greatest machine building works manufacturing plant and machinery for oil, energy, natural gas and chemical industries.

The company makes unique types of chemical plants, centrifuges, compressors, pumps, pipe fittings, oil plants and pumping stations, drilling rigs and gas treatment installations. The above list of products manufactured by the company is not at all exhaustive. The broad variety of production relies on advanced technology and a well-developed industrial infrastructure. The company operates a specialist production facility equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment.

A high product quality is assured by the existing ISO 9001 quality system certified by the international certification body "Bureau Veritas Quality International". All plant and machinery complies with the requirements of national and international standards.


History of SUMY NPO

1896: The  «Сумские машиностроительные мастерские» plant was built.

1900-1902: Start of manufacture of evaporators and sugar beet processing machinery, including sugar mill presses.

1908: Manufacture of steam engines for sugar mills.

1914: The plant switched to the development of military equipment. A facility to make powdering equipment was built.

1922-1924: End of restructuring after the revolutionary events. The historically highest output was achieved.

1929: The plant was the first in the Ukraine to master the arc welding technique.

1930-1931: The plant specialised in the chemical and oil-extraction industries. A pump-compressor facility, a forgery and tool-making facilities were built.

1933: Ukraine’s first piston compressor was made, with a capacity of 10,000 m3 per hour.

1933-1934: Development of the nickel and chrome-nickel steel welding process Launch of manufacture of welded chemical equipment using those steels

1935: The first specialised plant to manufacture centrifuges was built.

1936-1940: Manufacture of chemical plant and equipment, including a unique heavy-duty 850 atm ammonia synthesis compressor

1941-1944: The factory was evacuated abroad. Military production

1948: Restoration of the company. Award of the “Order of Lenin” for contribution to the development of domestic industry

1950-1959: Manufacture of plant and equipment for the nuclear industry and preparation of space research programmes.

1951-1958: More than 35 new machines and installations for the chemical industry were developed, including five-stage compressors, automatic centrifuges and vacuum pumps. The company entered the world market.

1960: The company was the first in the country to manage the manufacture of heavy-duty compressors.

1964:Award of the „Красное Знамя Труда“ order by the People’s Republic of Bulgaria for technical assistance in the reconstruction and erection of equipment in the fertiliser making plant in Stara Zagora.

1966: The new Sumy compressor plant was built «Сумской компрессорный завод».

1969-1979: Development of new products. The country’s first factory to supply complete process plant and equipment for mineral fertiliser manufacture as well as ethylene and helium production. Award of the “Order of October Revolution”

1976: Foundation of the «Сумское машиностроительное производственное объединение», company, incorporating the «Сумской машиностроительный завод им. М.В. Фрунзе »  compressor making factory

1976-1977: Series production of GPA-C-6.3 gas-transfer units of a block-container type with 6300kW drives

1980: Accession to the Nuclear Energy Association.

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