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SUMY products

Centrifugal Devices

Centrifugal devices are one of core product types manufactured by “Sumy” PJSC. This production wasted in 1902. The rotor drive was operated by bevel gears. A battery operating several centrifuges was driven by a single steam engine.

In the 1930s, engineers of the SUMY plant launched the manufacture of centrifuges with an individual electric drive, and in 1940, they made the first automatic centrifuge, AG-1800.

In the years 1950-1960, four-stage continuous centrifuges were made, which were destined for sugar refineries. Two-stage centrifuges of FGP 400, 630 and 800 types were supplied by the plant for the production of copper sulphate, sodium chloride, ammonium sulphate, and for the coke-making industry. The plant started to make centrifuges of titanium.

In 1961, a new design of automated suspended centrifuges was developed, designed for sugar mills: the devices were fitted with rotors with a load capacity of 500 kg per cycle. This was a novelty in the Ukraine’s manufacture of centrifuges. Further innovations and the profound experience of the operation of centrifuges allowed the plant to manufacture a new, more powerful and more reliable type of centrifuge, FPI-1250 with load capacities of 800 kg and 1,000 kg.

The upgrade of centrifuges and their technical advancement led to the introduction of new types of units:

  • OGSH and FGSH types of continuous scroll-screen centrifuges for efficient coal dewatering in coal processing plants; for the purification of paraffin by separation of oils in the petrochemical industry; and for plants making polyethylene and titanium oxide based pigments;
  • Hermetic centrifuges for applications in high-hazard sectors;
  • Decanting centrifuges for the purification of municipal and industrial waste waters;
  • Centrifuges for mud treatment in oil extraction wells;
  • OTP and PTP tubular centrifuges for blood plasma fractioning and separation of fine suspensionsch suspenzií.

FGN and OGN families of automatic centrifuges for filtration and purification applications are operated under the brand of "Sumy" PJSC in the chemical, biological, coal-processing and food-processing industries both in the CIS countries and elsewhere ("Sumykhimprom” JSC, "Azot” JSC, Berezniki,"Pigment” OJSC of Tambov, "Skoda" JSC of Sterlitamak, "Ufa Oil Refinery” JSC, "KHIMPROM" JSC of Volgograd, Novosibirsk Chemical Works, Achinsk Refinery, etc.).

Continuous centrifuges are widely employed in the chemical, petrochemical and food-processing industries, heavy-duty waste water treatment plants of large cities and industrial plants, meat- and fish-processing plants ("Sumykhimprom” JSC, a meet-processing plant of Sumy; water treatment plants in Moscow, Petersburg, Ivanov, Sochi; Soligorsk chemical plant; Berezniki potassium plant, etc.).

The plant in Sumy is making several types of centrifuge for pulse sludge treatment applications with first-stage rotor diameters ranging from 400 mm to 1,450 mm.

FGP centrifuges are primarily destined for the manufacture of mineral fertilisers. Centrifugal machines have been installed in the Berezniki potassium plant and the Solikamsk plant in Russia, and "Belaruskali” company.

Presently, the factory in Sumy is making practically all known types of centrifugal machines, including advanced heavy-duty automatic continuous centrifuges, high-speed tubular centrifuges, etc.

Centrifuges are equipped with modern, energy saving adjustable electrical drives, Siemens frequency converters and blocks, and Schneider Electric automatic control systems based on the latest automatic programs and other devices.

Customised manufacture of centrifugal devices is possible, including both new types and design modifications of the current ones, aimed at meeting specific customer’s requirements. We also deliver all-encompassing plant supply projects for various sectors of industry.




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