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ISH Pumps Olomouc

Manufacturing tradition in the site of ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a.s.


MAY 1907: Ing. Salivar established a new metal-working plant in Olomouc-Hodolany, named “Iron Casting and Machine Building Factory”.
DECEMBER 1907: KOSMOS limited liability company was established.
MAY 1945: The company property was confiscated by the Czechoslovak state.
SEPTEMBER 1946: KOSMOS was put under national collective administration, which was exercised by SIGMA-PUMPY.
MAY 1947: The property of KOSMOS became a part of the assets of the national enterprise SIGMA-KOSMOS n.p. Olomouc.

Range of manufactured products:
1907:     The core of operations was manufacture of grey alloy castings and construction of internal combustion engines.
1908:    Introduction of a new article : slow combustion heating stoves Supplementary articles: wood fired irons, brass mortars, metal accessories for heating stoves
1918:     New additions to the manufactured product range: kitchen gadgets of various types
1931:     Extension of the manufactured range: water pipe fittings
1938:     Launch of manufacture of ice skates
1914-1918 and 1939-1945:  During the World Wars I and II, the plant was converted into a military production factory to make primarily castings for artillery ammunition.
1945 - 1948:    The pre-war manufacturing range was gradually limited and replaced by pumps and pump related articles.
1949:    The Sigma Lutín’s manufacture of a manual pump range was gradually taken over.
1951:    Introduction of metalworking of parts for irrigation systems


JANUARY 1953:    The national enterprise SIGMA-PUMPY was dissolved. The KOSMOS plant adopted a new name: “ŽELEZÁRNY PETRA BEZRUCE”.
APRIL 1958:    Establishment of the Sigma Olomouc Manufacturing Economic Unit based in Lutín.

Range of manufactured products:
1953:     Takeover of the complete manufacture of irrigation equipment; launch of manufacture of A-NN cooling pumps and POS process pumps for metal-working machines
1954:    Introduction of production of steel castings and gradual expansion of alloyed steel production
1963:    The manufacture of NCU chemical pumps was completely transferred from Sigma Lutín.
1964:    Takeover of the manufacture of RTZ 100 and 600 pressure testers from Sigma Hranice and launch of production of IRIS-DP diesel motor irrigation pump units


JUNE 1965:    National enterprise SIGMA OLOMOUC was established by the Decree of the Minister of Heavy Industry No 7/14-75.
JANUARY 1979:    The trust structure of SIGMA Manufacturing Economic Unit was converted into a concern. The enterprise was newly referred to as SIGMA OLOMOUC concern.
APRIL 1990: After the dissolution of SIGMA KONCERN - GR, the state-owned enterprise SIGMA OLOMOUC came in to existence.

Range of manufactured products:
1965:    Launch of manufacture of IRISMO-ES sludge pumping units
1967:    Launch of manufacture of 50 ha irrigation sets with distribution tubing
1973:    Launch of manufacture of the PP-63 line of hose-reel irrigators
1975:    Gradual launch of manufacture of META pumps, a unified family of centrifugal chemical pumps
1979:    Launch of manufacture of SPS 100/100 seasonal irrigation pump units
1987:    Addition of VCA pumping units and PDP-150 handling units, made specifically for the Ministry of National Defence, to the existing range of manufactured products
1980 - 1993:Gradual development and innovation in the field of irrigation equipment, particularly the hose-reel irrigator range


NOVEMBER 1993: The process of privatisation of Sigma Olomouc was completed. The new owner and successor of the former state-owned enterprise was INTERSIGMA HYDRAULIC s.r.o. Prague, ISH Olomouc Plant.
JUNE 1994:    ISH a.s. was established as a joint stock company based in Olomouc.
AUGUST 1997:    A new joints stock company, ISH-CERPADLA a.s. based in Olomouc came into existence through direct sale of a part of ISH a.s.
DECEMBER 2004: Based on the shareholders’ resolution, the company was de facto amalgamated with MSA cerpadla a servis armatur s. r. o. Dolní Benešov and renamed to ISH&MSACERPADLA a. s.
JUNE 2012: Based on the shareholders’ resolution,, a new communication strategy was adopted and the company’s name and corporate identity were changed, and the company started to operate under the new name ISH PUMPS OLOMOUC a. s.

Range of manufactured products:
1993-1997: The core business was the manufacture of pumps, with specialisation in supplies for the chemical and processing industries, water management, petrochemical industry, nuclear energy and other energy sectors, agriculture, and investment:
- META-PLUS metallic surface pumps as the most notable products;
- NHR-HC pumps for chemically active and aggressive fluids;
- META-MAK pumps with Burgmann magnetic couplings to prevent the release of environmentally harmful substances;
- a wide range of high performance pumping units for farming applications;
- newly introduced PN16 spiral pumps of BETA family, fully complying with the requirements of ISO 5199.
1999: Introduction of a new family of heavy process pumps, PN50 at the International Engineering Fair in Brno; the pump meets the requirements of API 610 and is sold under the trade name GAMA (GAMA I 610, GAMA II 610).
2004: Development of the METABLOC-MAK pump as a compact version of META-MAK pumps designed to accommodate liquids with higher temperatures and liquids containing impurities, including magnetic particles. Takeover of the industrial pump making operations from MSA Dolní Benešov, including QVC, QVD, CJU, CJUV, CVFV, NJK, NEF, NVJ, SSK pump lines and others.
2005-2014: NJK line of high-performance circulator pumps for heat plants
2008: Completion of the development and installation of the QED (PN100) oil transport pump for Družba oil pipeline
2008-2012: CJU, CJUV condensate pumps for Tušimice and Prunerov power plant turbine islands
2009-2014: Development of the new V-MEXTA line of vertical pumps designed for explosive environments (Zone 0)
2013: Completion of the development of CEUV (PN63), a new family of 10-stage vertical oil pumps (Zone 0)

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