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SUMY products
Chemical industry

Installations for the chemical industry

The operations of the M.V. Frunze plant in Sumy encompass the whole production cycle, from a business plan to turn-key delivery of final installations and technical after-sale service.

Engineering works supporting the manufacture of plant and equipment take place in two specialised facilities operating as successors of design and engineering institutes, which are equipped with advanced, state-of-the-art experimental testing devices. Engineering support is also provided through technological control units that allow the development of progressive processes for the manufacture of spare parts and cover all important process nodes from material melting to the installation and testing of a manufactured device.

Plant’s expert staff design and make basic and auxiliary machines according to customer’s requirements, including technical and economic specifications and climatic and seismic operational requirements.

The high technical standard of machines made by the factory is achieved thanks to its highly skilled engineering and technical personnel, application of the latest scientific and technical knowledge, and lasting close cooperation with scientists of more than twenty academic and research institutes such as “Giap” JSC; "VNIINEFTEMASH” JSC (Moscow; "UKRGIAP» (Dneprodzerzhinsk); "UKRHIMPROEKT” JSC (Sumy); "UkrNIIHimMash" JSC; HiPro NIOCHIM (Kharkiv); Gnip "Himtehnologiya" (Severodonetsk) and others.

The enterprise owns an extensive metallurgical production facility equipped with automatic lines incorporating a continuous casting plant and a basic oxygen steel-making process which allow the making of highly alloyed steels and stainless steels with a capacity of up to 18 tonnes.

Welding techniques employed include automatic submerged arc welding, automatic and semi-automatic welding with an active gas shield, arc welding, resistance welding and seam welding, electron-beam welding, and various electro-slag methods for welding thick wall structures and special steels. The plant pioneered the automatic welding of pipes to the pipe networks of Orbita, Kometa and Agat types of exchanger.

Rejta universal adjustable welding machines are widely used in the plant, supported by handling devices with capacities ranging from 10 to 100 tonnes. The machines allow fast changeover between the units for automatic submerged arc welding, flux cored arc welding with an active gas shield, electro-slag welding and arc welding. All manufacturing facilities of the plant are equipped with the welding machines.



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